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The Hutongs

The heart of Beijing lies behind its modern facade, after seeing how royal family lived, experience the life of the common man in the tranquil Hutong: narrow alleys that have been the hub of the cityˇ¦s street life for 700 years. A hutong is a unique form of community that exists only in China. They are a wonderful glimpse of the city as it used to be. All Hutongs crisscross with each other with tiny workshops dimly lit by a single bare bulb, street vendors selling steamed Baozi, snot-nosed children, old men carrying their songbirds in bamboo cages, coal smoke and bicycles. As Beijing continues to modernize, the Hutong is under threat. Nearly two-thirds of the 1,330 Hutong that existed in Beijing in the mid-1950s have been demolished to make way for mirrored-glass skyscrapers.

Experience the life style and traditional Hutong culture before it disappears. To further enhance the experience, we can arrange rickshaws to pull you to an authentic home to enjoy a Hutong home made meal together with the family.

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Visit the Hutong in Beijing before it dissapears.